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What Does a Dietitian and a Mechanic Have in Common?

My friend Megan is hilarious.  The moment she found out the Pope was visiting Philly; an invite for “Tapas with the Papas” (A pope-themed tapas and cocktails party) immediately went out.  Really just an excuse for us all to get together, have a few cocktails and relax.  It was there that I finally got to know a few acquaintances a little better:

“What do you do?”  I’m a dietitian.

“Oh that’s awesome, what should I eat if I want to lose some weight?  I’m so confused!  If you just tell me what to eat, I’ll do it”

Being a dietitian is a lot like being a mechanic. 

Just like when you have a mechanic as a friend, or meet one somewhere, it’s “ooh my car’s been making this funny squeaky sound, what do you think it could be?”  People I run into always have food, diet or weight loss questions for me as soon as I tell them what I do.

It’s awesome!  I love it.  And I’m always happy to share.  But here’s the funny part, I’m really not that smart.

Would you be totally surprised if I said you should eat more carrots and less cake?  It can’t be!

Or choose grilled chicken over fried chicken most of the time?  Say it isn’t so!

See!  Not so smart.  You knew that!  Here’s the thing:  nutrition isn’t that hard to understand.  It’s pretty basic, and hasn’t changed in a really long time.  I bet if you took a second (before looking any further) you could even spit out what the major food groups are.

Wow.  Am I really talking about food groups?  Please don’t give up on me.  You’ll see where I’m going with it in a sec.

I really hate to break it to you, but that’s what makes up a great diet.  Fruits, veggies, grains (hopefully whole grains but we’ll get there), protein and dairy.  I know… boring, but hey listen I didn’t make this stuff up!

Now, was that a super shocker?  I didn’t think so!

Is what should I eat still going to be your burning question if we bump into each other at a Pope party?

Nutrition, diets, what to eat, etc. have become so confusing!  Thanks to the media and celebrity doctors touting the latest greatest superfood or miracle fat burning mocktail, we’re all a little confused when trying to figure out just what we’re supposed to eat to get or stay healthy.

I have a little challenge for you:

Let’s go back to basics a bit.  One little change at a time.

Let’s put the superfoods and cleanses on hold for just a little while and see how we’re doing with the foods we know make up a great diet.

Let’s focus on what foods we can add to our day instead of what foods we think we have to give up.

Where do you want to start?  I think fruits and veggies are a great place to start because in reviewing what people eat for a living, it seems this is where we could all use a little help.

Please don’t drive yourself nuts… just pick one!

Veggies:  are you eating them?

  • No – pick out whatever veggie you like, find some dip you like and try to get a handful or 2 in most days this week.  Done.
  • Yes – how many handfuls are you getting in every day?  3-5?  Awesome!

Fruit:  grabbing any lately?

  • No – pick out something you like, maybe something in season so it’s extra yummy and shoot to eat one piece each day this week.  Don’t forget, canned in 100% juice or frozen are a great option too!
  • Yes – can you eat 2-3 pieces (or handfuls) most days this week?

So there you go.  You found out why I think being a dietitian is a lot like being a mechanic and why I think we’re all making the huge question – what should I eat to be healthy/lose weight/etc – more difficult than it needs to be.

For the most part, I think we all know that carrots are better than cake; the hard part is just choosing it!

So… challenge accepted?


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