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Ready to Quit the Yo-Yo?

My sister Melanie got married this past weekend on what turned out to be the perfect October day!  The air was cool and crisp, the sky was bright blue, and my sister (and new hubby) couldn’t have been happier!  As for me?  In a dress that my other sister said made me look like “a dressed up teacher” and squeezed into a pair of heels that I had to try and remember how to walk in.  I never claimed to be a girly girl, but I can pull it off for a day every once in a while!

Insert picture of me in the teacher dress, unsteadily walking in my heels here – who forgets their camera at a wedding?  ME!

The reception was at a cute little Italian restaurant which turned out to have AMAZING food.  We sit down and immediately start what turned out to be a 5 (you heard me, FIVE) course meal.

Bruschetta. Salad.  Pasta.  Entrée (I picked the broiled Flounder, yum!).  Cake.

Oh and there was bread on the table too.  Bread!  Wait, aren’t carbs the enemy??

There were so many times in my past where I would completely overindulge on the “bad” foods like pasta (pasta is bad, right?) and cake.  I would have eaten til I was half sick, stomach hurting so bad it would be uncomfortable to sit.  Then later that night, and probably the next day, I’d feel guilty about not being able to just stay away from those foods.  I mean, why couldn’t I just say no and avoid the bad food all together?  Isn’t that what skinny people do??

At the reception, instead of torturing myself thinking that the bread basket staring at me AND that 2 of the 5 courses were off limits/not on my diet/bad for me, I relied on a little thing I call the 3 Bite Rule which goes something like this:

First bite?  Mmmmm oh my goodness this is so good…

Second bite?  Oh wow, this is still so good…

Third bite?  Yup, still really good… not getting any better, just more of the same good…

Think about it.  Which bite tastes better?  The 3rd or the 23rd?  All tastes the same, right?

And isn’t it more fun to EAT EVERYTHING that’s offered to you, just in smaller portions, then say the dreaded “I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet” or “I really wish I could have that, but I’m trying to lose weight”

Sound familiar?

We get this thing in our heads when we’re trying to “be good” and be healthy that says a food is either GOOD or BAD.

It’s either on the OK-TO-EAT list or the DO-NOT-EAT list.

What if you just gave yourself permission to have 3 bites of something/anything/everything so you could have the same experience as everyone around you and fah-get-a-bout-it?

What if you enjoyed 3 bites of something you would typically go overboard with, and instead leave the evening feeling in control and satisfied instead of guilty and disappointed?

What if you really could go to a party/holiday/social event and try different foods without saying you “fell off the wagon”?

Wouldn’t that make you feel in control?  Like you got this?  Like you can handle social situations without fear, guilt or deprivation?

Think about it.  If I told you to ditch the diet and eat everything, would you think I’m nuts?

This is it people.  We’re making lifestyle changes here, not dieting.

The minute you go ON a diet is the minute you start fighting to not go OFF of it.

It’s time to quit the yo-yo.

Little tips and strategies, like the 3 Bite Rule, are easy tools to help you through situations where temptations are all around you.  In those situations, you have 3 choices:

  1. Avoid the food all together (no fun! binge later?)
  2. Enjoy 3 bites and move on
  3. Indulge; eat until it hurts (ouch! regret later?)

I obviously chose #2 this weekend and had a great time.  I ate the pasta.  I had a small piece of bread.  I enjoyed some cake.

No binge later.  No guilt.  Move on.


2 comments on “Ready to Quit the Yo-Yo?

  1. Dawn
    October 14, 2015

    Great advice! Thanks!


  2. aschetler
    October 18, 2015

    Keep coming back! MUCH more inspiration to come!!


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