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Take Care of Your Body So it Takes Care of You

My wife and I make a donation to our gym.  Every month.  I mean, we have every intention of getting there way more than we do, it just doesn’t happen.  So, I choose to see our monthly membership fee as a generous donation to a non-profit organization.  And I go on feeling great about our philanthropic endeavors.   It’s a real win/win.

The other day I did go.

I walked into the locker room and there they were.  The two uberfit (p.s. that means like super fit, bounce a quarter of their tight muscles kind of fit) women that whenever I do go, I see them there.  You know the kind of fit person that just looks hungry?  Borderline miserable?  The ones that own more spandex and moisture wicking performance gear than jeans and t-shirts?  That’s them.

So I walk in the locker room and there they are.  Like I’ve seen them there so many times before.  Doing the same thing.  Every time.  I am the worst at remembering people’s names, but they know mine, so the interaction goes something like this:

Short Uberfit girl:  “Hi April”  Hey!  How’s it going?

Tall Uberfit girl:  Didn’t even notice I walked in.  She’s standing in front of the floor to ceiling mirror, analyzing her every inch.  It’s like she put on some sort of x-ray eyes, mentally picking apart every little “imperfection”.  I can almost hear her inner-dialogue… ugh, my butt is so big just look at it!  And what’s with this skin, I wish it wouldn’t push out from the sides of my bra…  

Tall Uberfit girl finally notices me.  “Hey April”  Hey, what’s up?  How was your workout?

Short Uberfit girl:  Is now in the other mirror analyzing her uberflat stomach as we make small talk.  I can’t even IMAGINE what she’s looking at?  There’s nothing there!?  Not the tiniest little pooch!  Not the tiniest of tiny muffin tops, nothing!

She never once looked me in the eye.  Or even took her eyes off of herself in the mirror.  She was very busy making a mental list of all her “imperfections”.  I’m sure both of them finished a great workout; I see them really working hard all the time.  But for some reason this little ritual of examining the “results” seems to help them decide if they were doing good enough/the right thing/needed to do more.

Ladies (sorry guys, this one is more about us) – what’s up with this?  Why do we pick ourselves apart like that?

I’m totally guilty too!  I think I’m writing this just as much for me as I am for you.

Ooh my arms could really tighten up a bit, I don’t think I should wear tank tops anymore…

I really hate when my thighs touch, I don’t remember that ever happening before…

If my stomach was just a little flatter, I would feel much better…

Back. up.

I dragged myself out of bed at 6:00 this morning.  I ran.  5 miles (EEK!).  Before work.  In the dark.

I packed my lunch last night.  Brown rice with chicken sausage and veggies.  Banana and a pear for snacks.  ¼ cup of nuts and dried cranberry mix for a going home snack.  Can of seltzer water.

I eat right most of the time (definitely not all).  I make time to move my bones around most days of the week.  I sleep.  I drink water.  I repeat.

I take care of myself.. not to have a great body, not to have a six pack (unless it’s a six pack of craft beer!), not to have chiseled arms.

I take care of myself so I feel confident.  So I feel energized.  So I feel bright, attentive and ready for my day.  So I can take care of everyone else.

I take care of my body so it takes care of me. 

Yeah sure, my arms are a little “flabbier” than they used to be.  My thighs DO touch.  My stomach isn’t as flat as it once was.

But I ran 5 miles BEFORE work today.  I packed my lunch with fruits and veggies and whole grains and lean protein.  I carry my water bottle with me everywhere I go.

I’m taking care of my body now so it takes care of me later.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Being healthy is what we’re all shooting for (not bikini body results); right?

If we focus on the CHANGES we’ll get RESULTS.  If we waste time focusing too much on the results, without the changes, well then… we make ourselves nuts!

The real results lie in how many minutes you could walk/run/bike/swim today versus how many you were doing last week.  Real results are walking out of the food store stocked with fresh, colorful, nutritious food to fuel you through the week instead of hitting up the drive thru.

Give yourself a break.  One small change at a time.  One small win at a time.  You got this.


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