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What’s in My Lunch Bag?

I don’t know where I’ve been looking the past week or two, but all of a sudden the leaves are changing colors around here.  And I just noticed this morning!  I’m driving into work (and like 20 minutes into my commute) when all of a sudden I started to notice all the bright, vibrant colors I was driving by!  Reds.  Greens.  Oranges.  Yellows.  Just about as pretty as driving on a 3 lane NJ highway can be!

Of course, because I’m a neRD (capitol RD for registered dietitian) I immediately equate this to food!!

The cool thing about food is that the colors (not red dye #3, the REAL colors) tell us a story about what vitamins/minerals/benefits we’re going to get from it.

Vitamins.  Good.

Minerals.  Good.

Vitamins and Minerals.  Real good.

The deeper the color, the richer the nutrients (ie: good things we want more of!).  The more variety of colors we eat, the more variety of nutrients/benefits we get!

So basically I’m saying that if we make our plate as colorful as a NJ highway, we’re all good!!

Expensive multivitamins?  Don’t really need ‘em.

One-A-Days?  How about 5-A-Day instead?

Choosing (and EATING) 5 bright, colorful foods each day is an awesome goal to focus on.  Helps your health.  Helps your energy.  Helps your skin.  Helps your insides.

When people ask me “I want to start eating healthy, what should I eat?” this is one place I like to start.  Colors.  Lots of them!  The more colors the better.

Here’s what’s in my lunch bag today…


Square container: Leftover taco stuff!  This is a staple in our house… it’s so quick, easy to throw together after work, healthy and YUMMY!  We swap OUT beef and swap IN ground turkey breast (ground turkey breast is leaner because it’s just the white meat; ground turkey is the white and dark mixed together).

Red pepper sliced up.  Color #1

Orange.  Color #2

Cheese stick.  Protein helps me stay fuller longer!

Jar-O-Nuts.  A repurposed jelly jar I fill with our mixed nuts concoction (usually pecans, walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries). The jar lasts me a few days, I have a handful pretty much every day.

Jalapeño Tortilla Chips.  To go with the taco stuff!  LOVE this brand of tortilla chips… Food Should Taste Good.  I put a serving in a Ziploc bag so I’m not tempted to devour the entire bag!

Pear:  Color #3

Sparkling Seltzer Water.  Boring original flavor today… usually I have a flavored one.

So there you go.  That’s what in my bag.  3 colors during my work day, only 2 to go at dinner and I did the 5-A-Day!


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