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Building the New You.

My grandfather was a fighter pilot in World War II.  Flew 50 missions.  Painted “Doris” (his high school girlfriend aka my grandmother) on the side of his P38. The only one out of his squadron to come home alive.  A real pillar of strength.

May seem like a tough guy, but boy was he the epitome of a family man.  We always said he’d make my grandmother happy (after 69 years of marriage) or die trying.  His mother’s dream was to have a beach house… so he built her one.  With his hands.  From the sand up.  And it is beautiful.  Memories built into the walls.  Love stamped into the concrete.

It was at that beach house that I had so many life changing decisions to make.  

Enjoy the summer:  Soak up the sun.  Ice cream trucks.  Funnel cake.  Take it easy.

Enjoy the summer:  One more step.  In control.  Create the new me.  Keep pushing.

There will always be a summer.  A vacation.  A “not the right time” to change.

When will the right time be?

I set a goal and wouldn’t stop til I got there.  The hotel on the end of 23rd street.  The beach house my Pop-pop built was on 5th.  18 blocks one way.  2 miles round trip.


One straight shot from 5th to 23rd.  I ran there.  One step at a time.  Walked the cross street.  Ran back to 5th.  One step at a time.

Back in the beach house.  I didn’t give up summer.  I created a new one.

Enjoying my favorite place on earth with a twist: On foot.

Enjoying sun-kissed summer fruits and colorful veggies from Foster’s Farm Market.  Fresh local seafood from Beach Haven Fishery.

And Ice cream.

Maybe not every night, but I had it.  Because I could.  Because you should.

Changing your lifestyle, getting healthy, creating a brighter more energetic you isn’t about depriving yourself of all that you love.  It’s about adding in new things that lift you up.

This journey, this path is doable.

Break it down into manageable pieces, you’ll get there.

One block.  One meal.  One choice at a time.

Build the new you.  One brick at a time.  Just like my grandfather built his mother her dream house.

With patience.  Persistence.

Small manageable habits, built one at a time.

Trust me.

That hotel on 23rd street felt 100 miles away.

Getting there (eventually) proved to myself I could do anything if I just worked at it.

You can get there if you work at it.  Nothing stopping you.  Build the new you.  One choice at a time.  One day at a time.

When will the right time be?

Now.  Do it now.  Before the thought escapes you.


3 comments on “Building the New You.

  1. deborahcrocker
    October 31, 2015

    Enjoyed your post. Yes that’s how it is one choice at a time. Lost 87 pounds

    Liked by 1 person

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