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Are You Tricking OR Treating Yourself?

My wife Amy loves Halloween.  Loves everything about it.  The decorations, scary movies, the kids all dressed up, you name it.  Our house is decorated to get us in the spirit.  Wood stove has a witch tart burner on it.  Pumpkins and witches on the server in the dining room.  Black wire spider on the end table.  More than I can name.  It’s her thing.  And she’s my thing.  Happy wife, happy life right?

Me?  Not so much.  I don’t get it.

Kids get dressed up.  I get it.  Seems kinda fun.

Kids knock on stranger’s doors asking for candy.  Don’t really get it.  Seems kinda weird.  

Kids dump a pillow case full of candy on the floor when they get back home.

Parents spend the rest of the night lecturing kids on how many pieces of candy they can have.  How too much sugar will keep them up.  Too much candy will rot their teeth.

Trick:  Load kids up with a ton of sugar and send them home to go to bed.

Treat:  They deserve it.  They’re kids.  Kids deserve treats.  

What about us?

Don’t adults deserve treats?

Do I have to get dressed up like a hot dog to get my treat?


Trick:  Not eating every treat we come across.  The cookies at the cafe checkout at work.  The bowl of chocolates on the secretaries desk.  The warm soft pretzels being sold in the lobby.

We’re not really hungry when we see these, right?  They just tempt us!

Treat:  Something special every day.  Something special once a week.  A real treat.  Something we’ve been looking forward to for more than 5 seconds.

People ask me how to stop giving into temptation.  How to just walk away.  Avoid the desk with the treats on it.  Not indulge in every treat we come across.

It’s tough.

We need to trick ourselves.  Or do we?

What if I said you CAN have all those foods that tempt you… just not right now?

Ready to stop tricking yourself with all these mindless calories?  

Ready to start treating yourself appropriately?

Here’s how I’ve helped a lot of people kick the habit:  

All those temptations?  Jot them down.  Start making your treat list.

Every time you get tempted with a treat?  Jot it down on your list.

The warm soft pretzels being sold in the lobby (I mean, I JUST finished my lunch, I know I’m not hungry)?  Put it on your list.

The cookies at the cafe checkout (I have to admit they do look really good)?  On the list.

Chocolate?  The list.

P.s. –  I STILL do this… I don’t write it down anymore, but I keep a mental list of all the things I want to treat myself with on the weekend.  It really helps me get out of the moment when I’m tempted and gives me something to look forward to.  The repeat offender on my treat list?  WINE!!

So now what?

You’ve got this treat list.  All the things you’re saying you CAN HAVE soon, just not right now.

You CAN treat yourself with these foods.

Pick a day.  Any day.  Your treat day.  (Mine used to be Saturdays)

Get your list out and check out everything you put on it during the week.

All those things you would have eaten on the spot, without a second thought.  They’re now on your list.  Not in your stomach.

Do you still want them?

Is the craving less than it was earlier in the week?  In the moment?

Which treats still look good?

Give yourself a number (3 at the most would probably be good) of these foods that you’re going to treat yourself with.

Do you have your 3 treats picked out?

Get in the car.

Go to the store(s).

Get your treats.

Come back home.

Enjoy them.  Savor them.  Eat it all.  Lick the wrapper.

You deserve it!

That’s it people.  No magic.  No fancy stuff.  Be mindful.

Make choices.  Savor and appreciate food.  Get in control.

Establish new habits.  New patterns.  You got this.

“There were donuts in the break room, I couldn’t resist”  Trick.  You can, just not now.

“I just wanted a coffee, but the cookies looked so good”  Trick.  Later.

Are you tricking OR treating yourself?

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

For real.  Think about that.


One comment on “Are You Tricking OR Treating Yourself?

  1. Judy Schetler
    October 31, 2015

    Well written, April. I’ll try to employ this technique!


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