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Is Your Gas Light On?

The funny this is, I eat all day.  A lot of food.  A lot of good food, but large volumes nonetheless.  All day long.  You should see my lunch bag.  The thing could seriously hold a small dog.  Or a small child.  You’d be surprised.  Honestly.  You would.

This is always my defense when I get this comment… like I did yesterday as soon as I walked in work:

“Hey April we’re celebrating today with breakfast for the team.”  Nice!  Looks good.

“I bet you’re so good you can just say no.”  It does look good.  Thank you, but I just had breakfast.

“Are you just used to dieting?”  I don’t diet… I eat right most of the time.

“We have fruit!”  No thank you, I just ate a big breakfast.

“You eat breakfast every day before work?”  Yes, every day.

“I bet you wouldn’t eat this stuff anyway.”  What, bagels?  I just had one this morning.

“You probably don’t use peanut butter.”  That’s what I put on my bagel.  This morning.

You probably don’t eat this stuff (food?).

You probably don’t use peanut butter (too many calories?).


Getting into a person’s mind and seeing their thoughts around weight and health fascinate me.

Weight?  Can’t eat what I want. Need to restrict.  Be good.  Calories bad.  Eat lettuce. 

Skinny?  Can’t eat that much.  Need to restrict more.  Be good.  Low calorie.  Eat less lettuce.

Health?  Must eat organic.  Gluten free.  No sugar.  Be good.  Avoid everything bad.

What the heck happened here?  When did food become good or bad?  Healthy/not healthy.  On my diet/off my diet.  On the wagon/off the wagon.  Good/bad.

What if I said that all foods fit into a healthy diet?  Chocolate.  Wine.  Fries.  Carbs (this lady is crazy!).

What if I said the more restrictive you are, the bigger the binge will be?

The more we focus on not eating bad foods, the more we crave them?

The more we obsess about being on a diet just puts us one day closer to going off that diet?

Let me geek out for a second and say that it’s all about fuel.  Fueling your body so that it has the energy to take you through your day.

Gas for the tank.

Pretend (yes, come on) we’re going on a road trip.  The best strategy to get us there safely is:

  1. Gas up before we head out.  Start strong then see how far we can make it before starting to sputter.
  2. Start with no gas and fuel up midway through the trip.  Shake your way through the first part of the trip.  A little slower than you’d like.  All good for the second half.
  3. Ride all day on fumes.  Car sputtering.  Shaking at times.  Reduced speeds.  If we make it, fill with a fresh tank of gas when we get there.  We’ll have plenty of fuel on board as the car sits in the parking lot overnight.
  4. Fuel up before we leave and during the trip.  Provide gas along the way.  Make sure we get there feeling the best we can.

You see where I’m going with it.  That’s us.  Every day.  Going on a road trip.  Alarm goes off at 5:15am.  Head back on the pillow by 10pm.  That’s a long road trip.  Need fuel to get me to the finish line.

Breakfast?  Yes please.  Within an hour of your feet hitting the floor.  Protein to keep you full.  Carbs to give your brain energy.  Fruit/dairy on the side rounds it out.

Lunch?  Can’t wait.  More protein to keep me satisfied.  A little carb to keep my brain working.  Fruit/veggie to fill in the gaps.

Dinner?  Finally.  Enjoying a meal without rushing.  Time to load up on veggies… 50% of my plate.  Protein 25%.  Carb 25%.

Snacks?  Uh, yeah!  Two please!  Between meals to keep that fuel supply up.  Need to think.  Need energy.  Need to not be obsessed with not eating.  Need to be obsessed with what foods I can eat to give me fuel for this day.  Fruit/veggies/nuts/cheese stick/cottage cheese/yogurt/kefir.  All my snack go-to’s.

Eat something every 3-4 hours.  Something good.

Fuel your body every 3-4 hours to get you through the next leg of the trip.

Breakfast skippers.  Lunch skippers.  Save-it-all-up-and-go-to-town-at-dinner people.  Just a reminder.  Your body is asking for fuel all day.  You wouldn’t ride around in the car with your gas light on all day, refusing to stop.  Why are we any different?

Eat right.  Eat often.  Move on!


One comment on “Is Your Gas Light On?

  1. Judy Schetler
    November 4, 2015

    Love this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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