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A Thinner Thanksgiving In 8 Steps: 2. The Outfit.

It wouldn’t have been Thanksgiving in my house without us running around in brown paper bags. Yup, that’s what I said.  I don’t know where the tradition started, but I can remember taking brown paper bags from our weekly groceries and turning them into pilgrim costumes.  We’d use more bags to cut out feathers and a headband to compete the outfit.  They were in the den until we heard our grandparents coming up the driveway, and then we’d hurry up and get them on so we could greet them as pilgrims!

That’s the way I remember it. That was my Thanksgiving outfit.  A brown paper bag that was fresh out of the grocery store.  Paper feathers taped to it.  Arm and neck hole cut out.  We were pilgrims!

(I really apologize, pictures do exist of said costumes but I couldn’t find them in time for this post!)

My sisters and I. In brown paper bags.  Those were our Thanksgiving outfits.  We were probably 10ish years old +/- a few years.


Today, I think of Thanksgiving outfits a little differently. Thank goodness!

A client of mine was having some anxiety about the upcoming Thanksgiving feast at her sister’s house.

She had been working so hard at losing weight, she was nervous the typical day of overeating would derail the behavior changes she’d made and set her back on her path of overeating.

What am I supposed to do? Stay in control.

I don’t want to overeat like I used to, I’ll feel sick. Make the choice to stop eating before getting to the point of being uncomfortable.

What is the ONE piece of advice you can give me to get through Thanksgiving? Your outfit. It’s all about the outfit.

Yup, that’s what I said. Forget about the food.  Let’s talk about what you’re going to wear!

My friend Megan calls sweatpants “buffet pants” – why? Because they expand as your stomach does!

They make you feel more comfortable as you become uncomfortable. I can totally relate.

So what if my one piece of advice (if I was only allowed to give you one) was to pick out your outfit carefully?

Wear something to Thanksgiving dinner that you feel great in?

It’s not baggy. Definitely not buffet pants.  A little form-fitting even?

Ok April, what’s this all about…

It seems silly, but think about it. Let me set up two different scenarios:

  1. You pick out this outfit. You look great. You feel great. Not very forgiving.  It fits you perfectly.
  2. You pick out this outfit. It will expand the best. It’s comfy. It’s forgiving.  It’s perfect for Thanksgiving.

See what I’m getting at? I’m not talking rocket science here people.  What I’m talking about is basic strategy to feel good about yourself before and after your Thanksgiving meal.

Too many people I talk to say things like:

“I really overate”

“I was so uncomfortable”

“I don’t know why I ate that much”

“I felt sick afterward”

So for those people, try this.

A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: Step 2. The Outfit.  (Check out Step 1 here)

Obviously I’m picking just ONE strategy to keep you on track and feeling great during the holidays. Thanksgiving is only the beginning of all the parties, family meals, and special treats.

One little change. One little strategy.  It can make the difference between guilt and satisfaction.  Falling off the wagon and staying the course.

There will always be a Thanksgiving. There will always be a party.  Always be a wedding.   Work functions.  These challenges we face all the time, all year long don’t need to derail your progress.

Rethink how you celebrate. Don’t give up on tradition, just rethink it.

So far we’ve talked about:

Step 1: Breakfast.

Step 2: The Outfit.

We have 6 more steps, 6 more posts to go til Thanksgiving. Stay tuned. I want to make you think.  I want to make you question tradition.  I want to make you empowered to go against the grain and stick with your goals during the holidays.  There is definitely room for splurges and fun!

I challenge you to rethink how you celebrate. Don’t give up on tradition, just rethink it.


8 comments on “A Thinner Thanksgiving In 8 Steps: 2. The Outfit.

  1. Judy Schetler
    November 12, 2015

    This article was terrific!! Keep up the great work!  I’ll be your editor!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. CTY
    November 19, 2015

    This strategy really works. I used on July 4th, I wore a great pair of shorts. In part my success was because I was not able to forget how far I had come.

    Liked by 1 person

    • aschetler
      November 20, 2015

      That’s awesome! Sometimes people look at me like I’m nuts when I talk about this, but wearing a great outfit has so many benefits! Especially mentally like you said, reminds you of your success! That’s great! Thanks for sharing and keep coming back. So much more to come! :o)


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