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A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: 3. Move

You know when you first start dating somebody and you really try to do everything right?

Be polite.  Be on time.  Positive.  Smiley.  Nonjudgmental.  Listen.  Attentive.

You know, all the normal stuff.

Amy is a fitness nut.  I’m a nutrition geek and wannabe runner.  We both pay attention to what we eat.  Very conscious about eating cleanly and in moderation.  Move as much as we can.

Can you imagine what this was like?

Man did I just want a pizza and a beer!  I wanted to blow off my run and just say you know what?  Let’s go to happy hour!!

But we were so “good” in the beginning.  Good meaning we ate perfect.  Good meaning we worked out most days of the week.

Then we started getting comfortable.

And the term “lazy day” was born.

We’d give ourselves a “lazy day” at least once a month.  Now on a lazy day, you don’t work out.  Don’t move much at all actually.  As little moving as possible.  And you go to town on whatever foods you want.

Pizza?  Sure!

Beer?  Bring it on!

We’d sit around binge watching HGTV, not moving, and eating like queens.  It was fun!!

Observation on lazy days:  I didn’t move.  And you know what?  I had no desire to eat well.  I didn’t want to eat the foods that make me feel energized and fresh.  I didn’t work out, so I might as well just go for it.  Right?

Observation on normal days:  I move.  I wake up early before work and run.  Gets me ready for the day.  Sets the tone.  Clears my mind.  I take the time for me to feel energized and fresh.  I have a desire to eat well.  I refuel with breakfast when I get home.  Pack a healthy lunch.  Plan for satisfying snacks.  I’m energized and fresh, don’t want to ruin this high.

IMG_3339Take Thanksgiving (our any holiday/special occasion for that matter)… what if the very first thing you did was take the time for you?  Get moving first thing?  Before the day gets really rolling.  Resist the temptation to make it a full on “lazy day”?

Put exercise into your plan just like everything else:

Turkey has to go in by 6:00am.  EXERCISE BY 8:00AM.  Football starts at 10:00am.  Hors d’oeuvres prepped by 2:00, out by 2:30.  Family shows up at 3:00.

Carving out a little time to move early in the morning on any holiday or special occasion sets you up for a better day!  You get that little kick of endorphins.  Little kick of confidence.

I can do this.  It’s just another day.  No need to overdo it.

It’s just food.  Just food that I can have at any other time.  Don’t need to cram it all in today.

On “lazy day” when I don’t move much at all, I’m really not as motivated.  Not as inspired.  It’s not as easy to make healthier choices.  I don’t care to make healthy choices as much.

On days we exercise, we tend to be more motivated.  More inspired.  Make healthier choices easier.  Care about making healthy choices.

So on Thanksgiving, of course you should have turkey.  And gravy.  And your sister’s sweet potato casserole.  And your mother-in-law’s pie.

But just think about it.

If you make Thanksgiving a full on “lazy day” how much of all those delicious Thanksgiving traditions will you eat?  Of course we should all try everything, but overdoing it always just makes me feel sick and tired (literally).  Dinner is over and all I want is a couch to lounge on.

If you make Thanksgiving an exercise day, how much taller will you walk into that situation?  How much better will you feel about yourself that day?  Of course we should all try everything, but smaller portions of everything tastes just as good!

I would never tell anyone not to eat turkey.  Sweet potato casserole.  Pie.  Wine.  It’s not about that.  When you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy it’s all about getting in control.

Playing the mind game that is weight loss.

There will always be a Thanksgiving/Birthday/Wedding/etc. – what’s important is you learn strategies to deal with all those situations and end the day feeling great about your choices.  Not feeling sick.  Not feeling tired.  Feeling energized and fresh!

A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps:  3. Move.

Step 1: Breakfast.

Step 2: The Outfit.

Step 3: Move.

And by move I mean walk around your neighborhood.  Jog around the park.  Take the dog on a long walk.  Turn up the radio in your house and dance.  Pop in an exercise video you like.

Move.  Just move.

My intention is definitely not to make you restrict.  It’s to make you think.  Challenge you to stay the course.  Don’t give up traditions, just rethink them.  :o)


8 comments on “A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: 3. Move

  1. Judy Schetler
    November 13, 2015

    Good advice, April!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. fatgirllosing0826
    November 20, 2015

    Awesome! One of my monthly goals for November was to get at least a 20 min walk in on Thanksgiving day!

    Liked by 1 person

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