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A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: 5. Appetizers

My mom-mom was so fancy! I mean, to me she was.  When we went to her house for holidays, she always had so much food!

When we got there: Little crystal dishes of olives and fancy little pickles. Kielbasa.  Crackers.  Mixed nuts.  Not peanuts, fancy ones.

Dinner itself: So much on the table the rolls usually sat on the “phone table” (back when house phones were the norm).  Sometimes 2 different meats.  2 different gravies.  3 different starches.  Veggies of all different kinds.  Food everywhere.  And every time we would sit down she’d say “does this look alright?  I could always open up a can of beans” – ha!  Of course it was alright, it was a feast!

After dinner: Homemade pies.  Her famous applesauce cake.  Jello mold (another Mom-mom staple).  Coffee.  Tea.  Bourbon for the guys.

Phew. My stomach growls and hurts all at the same time just thinking about those spreads!

But what really makes my mouth water are those appetizers. The olives.  Pickles.  Crackers.  Kielbasa!!

I would just go to town on them. As soon as we got in the door to the minute dinner was served.

I just love appetizer stuff like that. Little foods that you just pick at.  Not really a big portion at any one time, just consistently picking over the course of the hour or two before dinner was served.

Do you have any holidays or special occasions where there are pre-meal spreads like this? Football parties.  Happy hours.  Birthday parties.  Times when there are appetizers all around and plenty of time to just keep picking at them.

You stand around, talk, laugh. Pick a bit.  Crackers, cheese, chips and dip.

More standing around, more talking, more laughing. More picking at appetizers.  More crackers, more cheese, more chips and dip.

You get the idea.

It’s almost like it’s not happening cause you’re just standing there having fun, but over time you’re probably eating an entire meal worth (or more) of food! And not to mention the stomach ache.

I found when I was losing weight that this was one of my biggest hurdles to overcome.


I learned real quick that it wasn’t fun just to stand there and watch everyone else pick while I used my “willpower” (more to come on that nonsense) to not eat anything.

So I started doing something so simple.

Since I know that appetizers and “picky” foods are my thing, why not come prepared with something I can graze over that may actually help me?

Something I can pick at for the hour or two and not feel like I have a food baby afterward?

A tray of veggies in all different colors and varieties is my go-to. I can put a little hummus in the middle or a yogurt based dressing (I am totally addicted to Bolthouse Farms Ranch!) for dipping.

If I know I’m going somewhere where there will be lots of tempting/high-fat/high-salt appetizers I make sure to bring this. It’s not the ONLY thing I will eat, just the majority.

Helps me enjoy socializing without feeling that rock in my stomach from overdoing it.

Cheese & crackers? Still my fav, I’ll have a few

Kielbasa? Love it, a few pieces are fine

The funny thing?

People love when you bring something healthy.

I get teased all the time, totally used to it. I like it though.  Cause when the moment comes and we’re all standing around, it’s always “who brought the veggies?  What a great idea to bring something fresh amongst all these heavy foods!”

Not rocket science people.

Appetizers are my thing. I could make a meal (or two or three) out of them.  So I bring one that makes sense to me.  And everyone else ends up enjoying it too.

So what’s your thing?

Appetizers? Bring a lightened up version to share.  Check out sites with tons of healthy recipe ideas like (my fav).

Desserts? Bring something refreshing and light like a homemade fruit salad or a fancy sorbet.

So once again, my Mom-mom makes her way into my post. She started my love of food.  And later she gave me a major light bulb moment that without her one question (click here to see), I’m not sure I’d be writing this right now!


4 comments on “A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: 5. Appetizers

  1. Judy Schetler
    November 18, 2015

    Terrific post, April.  Love this one!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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