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A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: 6. Indulge

I wait all year for heart cake. Vanilla cake.  Dark chocolate icing.  Nonpareils on top.  It’s always half falling apart.  Always gets stuck in the pan.  Patched together with more icing.  My mom says almost every time “this is the worst one yet” and I love it.  That’s really the best part.

She plates it on a crystal cake dish with a silver dome. When you get to her house and you see the silver dome in the center of the dining room table its heaven.  Heart cake is under there!

It’s a double layer cake, so the dark chocolate icing runs real thick through the middle. She serves it with real vanilla bean ice cream.  Lots of it.  On top.  Melting over the patched together slice of heart cake.  It really is heaven.

That’s a birthday in the Schetler household. Wouldn’t be a birthday without it.  Sure, we have dinner first.  But it’s the heart cake I’m after.  No point in overdoing it on any of the normal foods I eat that day cause I know I’m getting a much awaited treat later!

I stick to my normal routine that day. Get moving around my neighborhood.  Have a good breakfast.  Nice lunch.  Light dinner.  I am mindful to make good choices because I want to splurge on heart cake.  My mom isn’t much of a baker, so this is a real special occasion.  It only happens once each year, so I like to indulge a bit.  And I definitely do!

thanksgiving 6

This same idea can help you through any special occasion or holiday. What are the few things that are completely special to Thanksgiving?  The ones you have been looking forward to all year.  You know, like the homemade stuffing your Aunt Marsha makes only on Thanksgiving?  Or the applesauce cake your Grandmother makes just for special occasions?

Those are the things to indulge in.

The turkey? Yeah sure, I’ll have a slice.

Rolls? I can have one anytime.

Green beans? We can make that next week.

Those are the things to have a taste of, but not fill up on.

Homemade stuffing that only comes out once a year? Give me a scoop of that!

Mom-mom’s applesauce cake? I’ll take a big slice!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. These end up being food coma days for a lot of people.  You eat.  And eat.  Then eat some more.

Well, what if you just had tastes of the normal stuff? A few bites to savor and enjoy.  I mean, you could make that same food the next day.  Or next week.

And instead indulged on those special foods that only come around on a special occasion?

No guilt.

No “feeling bad”.

No “I fell off the wagon”.

Intentionally indulge on those few things that are truly special. Enjoy them.  Savor them.  Go easy on the rest.  No food coma.

Moving on.

Sure was fun to indulge in those special foods.

Tomorrow is a normal day.

A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: 6. Indulge

5. Appetizers

4. Alcohol

3. Move

2. The Outfit

1. Breakfast


7 comments on “A Thinner Thanksgiving in 8 Steps: 6. Indulge

  1. amandaturner612
    November 20, 2015

    Love this! I can’t wait for my mother-in-law’s pecan pie!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Judy Schetler
    November 20, 2015

    Hi April!  I went to a bridal shower tonight for Rob Hancock’s wife to be Liz and 2 different people told me they LOVE your blog!!!!  I am so proud of you and all the people you are inspiring!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aschetler
      November 21, 2015

      Yeah!!! That just made my day!!! I’m so glad people are reading and enjoying it. I’m having a lot of fun doing it!


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