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What To Eat + When To Eat = Max Weight Loss

61 million, 500 thousand results (in 0.38 seconds)!  This is how many instant results I got when googling “best diet for weight loss 2015”.  Forget the gym, just the thought of sifting through 61,500,000 links looking for the hottest super slimming miracle diet makes me sweat!


Ooh, this one sounds like I’d get super-fast results: Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan.  By my buddy Dr. Mehmet Oz.  The jury is still out if he has actually helped or harmed the wellness industry.


Not so sure about this one, just the thought of it makes my jaw hurt:  The Raw Food Diet.  You think I’ll still lose weight if I dump ranch dressing on everything?


Here’s an oldie but a goodie:  Nutrisystem.  With ingredients like triethyl citrate in their lasagna, I think I’ll pass… you say ingredient; I say additive in pharmaceutical coatings and plastics.  Delish.


So what is the magic formula?


How do we get the best results for the long term?


Forget exercise for now.  What can we eat to be successful losers and improve overall health?


I’m about to unveil the magic here people.  The super-slimming, tummy-tucking, rapidly-super-fast formula that leads to long term weight loss/weight maintenance/improved health.


First, some fast facts:

  • Low carb’ers lose a significant amount of weight in the first 3-6 months (I know, that’s a duh) but struggle to maintain the loss 12 and even 24 months out.  Ugh.  Diet.  Can’t stick to it.


  • Meticulously counting macros also helps you lose a lot of weight in the first 6 months (regardless of the percentages you choose for carbs, protein and fats). Trouble is, it usually plateaus at 12 months and weight starts to creep back up at 24 months. Grr.  Diet.  Can’t do this forever.  


  • The Mediterranean Diet is my personal fav. It allows me to drink red wine for “health reasons”.  ’nuff said.  Don’t mess with my vino.


  • Small, frequent meals are great in theory. Or does it actually account for more total calories in a day given how many times we head to the fridge? Ehh. 


  • Meal timing is best summed up by the quote “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. We need more calories (fuel) at the beginning of our day (road trip start) to give us the energy we need to get through our crazy busy days (we made it!).


Actually, meal timing is the one thing that holds some promise.


How’s this fact grab you?  People who eat >33% of their calories after 5:00pm are twice as likely to be overweight or obese.


Twice as likely!  Wow!  What’s this mean to me?  I better get my wine in before 5:00…


All kidding aside, there is definitely some truth and purpose to every diet that comes down the pike.


But you know what the magic in all of this really is?


What really differentiates between those of us that lose weight successfully and those that… are professional dieters?  are perpetual riders of the diet roller coaster?  own stock in yo-yos?  are willpower warriors?  No?  I’ll stop.


Ok back to the super-secret, super-slimming, super-successful, freakishly-rapid, tummy-tucking diet plan.


Here we go people.  This is it:


What to eat:  Mostly fresh veggies.  Fresh fruits.  Whole grains.  Lean meats and beans.  Low fat dairy.  Water.  This is the best diet ever.


How much to eat:  Use your plate as a guide.  Fill ½ with veggies (non-starchy ones), ¼ with whole grains.  ¼ with lean meat and/or beans.  Instant portion control.


When to eat:  Every 3-4 hours.  Most of your calories in the first part of the day.  Less calories in the second part of the day.  The fuel is for the road trip (day).  It won’t do you much good once you get to the destination (bed).


It’s not rocket science people.


Start practicing the what, the how and the when… while working on the magic missing piece to this puzzle:  the why.


The why is the true secret to weight loss.  This is it people.


Figure this out and you’re golden.  It’s different for everyone, so it’s gonna take some soul searching.


Why eat right and move more?  Here’s my why:


To live the active life I always dreamed about.  To feel confident.  To inspire others.  To think clearly.  To stay calm.  To feel energetic.  To be a role model.  To live and enjoy my family as long as I can, as healthy as I can.


Your turn.


Get cozy with your feelings on this one…


The why is what will get you out of bed at 5am for a workout.


The why will help you choose energizing foods over cravings in the moment.  The why will take you to the gym after work instead of heading straight home.


What to eat?  Not so hard.


When to eat?  Pretty straight forward.


Why will you choose to eat right and move more?


Why will you choose losing weight over losing health?


Why is this important to you?


Why will you persevere?


Start thinking… you’re figuring this puzzle out…


4 comments on “What To Eat + When To Eat = Max Weight Loss

  1. Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet
    December 19, 2015

    Excellent post.
    No wonder people do not know where to start with all of the “Miracle” solutions available…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. crazyphatmommy
    December 20, 2015

    Wow, that’s a lot of hits and even more confusing information. Clean eating and being mindful of calories and nutrition are what’s been working for me. Everything you’ve mentioned here rings absolutely true for me! Thanks for the reminder I’m in the right track.

    Liked by 1 person

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