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I Gained 6lbs And It Changed My Life. Forever.

I mean, I can’t say anyone ever plans on gaining weight… it just sort of happens. All of a sudden the weather breaks and you can’t wait to break out your favorite pair of shorts. Mine are these old ugly things my wife and I affectionately refer to as my “old man shorts”. They remind me of my Pop-Pop’s shorts that he used to live in at the shore. I guess you could say I wear them in honor of him! Or just because they’re the most comfiest shorts ever. Either way. You get the point.


This year when we had our first nice day, I went digging for my old man shorts only to find they didn’t fit!! I was crushed! How could I have gained weight over the winter? I thought I was “being good” but man, something went wrong. I mean, I ate the way I should (well, minus those Cheez-Its that were just begging me to eat them) and I worked out (well, that’s a lie… I didn’t work out that much). Hmm. I guess there you have it.


So I didn’t plan on gaining weight.


Didn’t plan on not getting into my old man shorts on the first sunny day.


What I did plan on is gaining “some” weight, I just didn’t know how much yet. And when.


When our little man Jackson Robert came 2 weeks early, we were immediately in love with him, felt immediately blessed, and I immediately gained 6lbs 7oz that I never ever want to lose.




In the 3 months since he surprised us, we’ve adjusted to our new normal with the addition of our handsome little guy.


Life is so good; I wish gaining weight always felt this amazing!


Here’s the reality.


When babies are born, it throws your routine all off.


Days become nights. Nights become days.


Getting peed and pooped on becomes cute.


Gas becomes something you are proud of.


Take-out sounds like a good idea.


Passing on exercise sounds amazing.


Your needs get shuffled to the back while little man’s needs remain front and center, as they should be.


Back to reality.


I didn’t fit into my old man shorts.


I was increasingly tired and sluggish.


Didn’t feel good about my lack of exercise since he blessed us with his early arrival.


I was and will forever be in love with our son.


Little man’s needs will always be front and center, as they should be.


Time to work “me” back into this equation. My new life. OUR new life as a family of 3!


I used to go for a run (jog? remember, I’m really slow) most days before work. Out the door by 6:45AM, back in by 7:30AM.


Well now that’s when Jackson gets up.


Run gets pushed to the back, Jackson’s needs are front and center, as they should be.


You get where I’m going here people?


Life is upside down (in a good way), but I needed to work hard to plan on how I’d get back to feeling good. Breaking a sweat again. Fitting into my old man shorts again.


A plan.


Not an accident.


Not “oh look, I just woke up and found myself jogging effortlessly around my town”


Not “where did all this sweat come from?  I must have just worked out!”


Nope.  Exercise… moving more… staying fit… it never happens accidently.  It takes a plan.


My plan was this: schedule it into my day, just like everything else.


Schedule ME time.  That’s it?  Yes.  That’s it. 


I (you too, most likely) live and breathe by our schedules.


Whether it’s on your phone or on your computer, all day we are alerted to do this, do that, pick this up, get here or get there.


So that was my plan. Schedule exercise.  Put it on my calendar and treat it like an appointment.


I show up for all of my other appointments during the day, what’s different about this one?


So now I show up for myself.


I show up so I can feel good about myself.


So I can clear my mind and handle life in stride.


So I have enough energy to keep up with our growing family and a fulfilling career.


So I can stay healthy for my boy.


And of course, to fit into my old man shorts.


Welcome back everyone – my hiatus is over.


And even through you may not have a newborn at home, you know you can relate to what I’m saying.  RIght?  Don’t leave me hanging out here.


When life throws you a curveball, whether it’s planned or not, happy or sad, getting back to the healthiest version of you takes a plan.


I can tell you one thing: This body of ours, it’s precious.


Take care of it so it takes care of you.


You will feel better.


Have more energy.


Experience more confidence.


Have a clear mind.


It’s up to you.


Make a plan.


You got this.


8 comments on “I Gained 6lbs And It Changed My Life. Forever.

  1. Joyce
    May 18, 2016

    Woo-hoo! Great way to gain weight! ! This Granny says your Little Man is Ca-Ute! Pushing a baby stroller is good exercise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • aschetler
      May 18, 2016

      Aw, thank you! And yes! Pushing a stroller is great exercise! And squatting to put him down and pick him up… Carry his 12 pounds up-and-down the stairs… All great exercise! Thanks for reading!


  2. Wane
    May 18, 2016

    Pushing a stroller up and down a mountain can be great for the legs and the lungs. Try it in June April. End.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Judy Schetler
    May 18, 2016

    Love it, April!!  Great writing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Parenthood.
    Says it all!
    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jaime
    May 19, 2016

    Congratulations! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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