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Jose S: 160lbs lost naturally!

 January 2016 EAC Champion:  Jose S. of California, USA!

Heaviest Weight:  485lbs

Total Weight Lost (as of Dec 2015):  160lbs

jose before and after


Jose, I don’t even know where to start… 160 pounds lost… naturally!!  Let me just jump right in here and ask how has this success changed your life?  We’ll get to the details; just help me understand what it feels like to lose 160 pounds!?  Other than the obvious victory on the scale, what are some of the non-scale victories you’ve been experiencing?

I am now truly a happy person and love the feeling of being more active and fitting into clothes out of the big and tall section!  Turns out I was never tall, but I needed the extra length to cover the belly that used to stick out!  Overall I enjoy seeing the results, feeling lighter & I’m much more energized!


Also, being 160 pounds lighter makes my job much easier to manage!  I am a refinery operator and it’s a very physically demanding job. I do a lot of lifting heavy machinery, climbing up to 10 flights of stairs, climbing ladders and turning valves.  My feet no longer swell after 12 hour shifts. My position also requires me to wear a rubber suit (for chemical protection) which causes me to sweat a lot.  When I was heavier, I felt like my body temperature was always at its peak, compared to now.



I follow you on Instagram and love seeing your post-workout pictures… very inspiring to see you killing it day after day! At 485 pounds, it must have been daunting to start working out.  How did you start and what’s your workout plan look like now?

I started off with walking 1 mile; it used to take me 30 minutes. I slowly started walking faster and added 3-4 miles, 4 times a week. After a while, I noticed I was losing strength. Since I have a physical job, I saw the personal trainer at work for some tips on how to maintain my strength.  I didn’t use him after that; he just helped me with a few suggestions.  Now, I work out 4-5 times a week incorporating weightlifting and light cardio. I use the benefits of my muscles burning calories long after I’m finished working out.



Wow, that’s quite a routine! How about your diet?  How are you fueling all those workouts?

Since the beginning of my journey, I have been calorie counting and using the myfitnesspal app to track my food and workouts. Everything I eat, drink, vitamins, etc. get logged. I don’t drink my calories except for almond milk and coffee from time to time.



I still can’t get over the fact that you’ve lost 160 pounds naturally!  It really shows that with dedication to eating the appropriate amount of food and working out you can get amazing results!  Can you give us a peek into your life before you started on this path? What was your diet like?  How about exercise?  What were your thoughts about weight at that time?

I have always been a happy person and enjoyed life, but my weight was always an issue. I was embarrassed to talk about my weight, so I would just joke about it and try to change the subject. I didn’t take part in anything active and was eating anything and everything in sight.  I really didn’t have a plate size and I didn’t control my eating. Now, I eat a healthy amount of food, avoid everything processed and I log everything I eat.



Wow, so what was your motivation to get started on this journey?

Over a year ago, I saw myself in pictures and was really disgusted of my image. A little encouragement ignited when I came across an internet video of John David Glaude (obese_to_beast) who underwent a major weight loss transformation. He talked about his loose skin insecurities and emotions that came along with his drastic transformation. His natural weight loss story assured me that losing weight was achievable. After a few months of slow changes and learning about calories and portion control, I fully committed to a healthier lifestyle in July of 2015.



Do you have any inspirational quotes or mantras that keep you focused?

“One step and day at a time”

“Remember why you started”



One more thing before you go… If anyone reading this is just starting out on their journey, or struggling through it, do you have any words of encouragement for them?  

Absolutely. Take it one day at a time.  Every day is a daily struggle with your mind because you are changing old habits. It’s much easier to give up and eat everything, but keep in mind why you want to change your life.  Motivate yourself daily to keep on track.  If it helps, surround yourself in fitness. You must being 100% honest with yourself when tracking your food and workouts.  You’ll have bad days.  Sometimes you won’t want to work out or eat healthy, but keep driving forward by setting goals that are reachable. If you mess up its ok, get back on track.  Every day is a new day. Treat yourself once a month to a meal you enjoy to keep you going. Everyone can do it; it’s one of the hardest, but most satisfying journeys you can take!


Jose, thank you for being and inspiration to us all!  Congratulations on being chosen to be an EAC Champion, you definitely deserve the recognition!


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